Welcome to my online blog, the place where you can find entries about the happy makers and important things in my simple silly little life :)



Who am I to tell?

Maybe you know me, maybe you don't but either way, I'm happy you made it to this website! And if you haven't known me yet, that will change soon ;) My name is Mia, I recently turned 19 and romanticize my live as an architecture and interior architecture student living on my own in and from Germany. I've also lost my heart to many other things that you can learn about in this blog but the most important thing to mention is Norway, my second home and the place that means the most to me <3

Besides that, these are the big topics that play an important role in my life and that i want to write about here to share my thoughts and experiences, but also to organize my emotions related to them:



You are invited to be a part of this project and I welcome you to it! So grab a cup of coffee or tea, make yourself comfortable and take the time for a few little stories and entries, it's nice to have you here! Have fun and enjoy, Mia <3